MD Sports 84 in. Arcade Billiard Table

MD Sports 84 in. Arcade Billiard Table

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THIS IS ONLY A 7″ TABLE – it’s not the usual 8″ table that you see in a pool hall.
That being said it’s still a fun little table. My girlfriend recently dumped me so I decided to turn my place into the best party pad EVER! Everyone loves how it looks and we have a blast playing on it.
There are a couple of things you should be aware of though when purchasing this. First of all it’s all made of crappy wood, it looks cool as hell but if you’re going to be one of those perfectionist people it’s not for you. The felt is pretty deep so the action is different on this table than a regular one. Given the fact that it’s smaller it kind of works out well though because you kind of don’t notice either one when they work together LoL.
It’s easy to put together and it all comes in 1 box – I seriously thought they’d shorted me a box or 2 but it was all there underneath the table.
It’s also possible that the MDF is going to tweak if you have it in a non-climate controlled environment. I live in a desert and keep it in my garage. Since we range from the millions of degrees in summer to barely above freezing in the winter I’ve noticed a few dips in my table. Still, it’s not like I’m a pool shark or anything I just got it to party and that’s about it. I’m ok with kids playing on it since it’s not expensive and it’s smaller too.
All in all I did a TON of research on tables and after all of that I landed on this unit which I’m very happy about.
OH, yeah, if you haven’t read the reviews about flipping the table over yet you can’t do the whole “roll it over” thing, you literally have to lift it up off of the ground and set it down on it’s legs or they’ll probably break off. They support the table fine when it’s standing up, but the way they connect won’t allow for them to support the weight when turning it over. So grabe a few friends or so.
I had 2 buddies help with the lift and flip and someone else grabbed the pallet/packaging out from under while we did that. It worked fine doing it that way.


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