Outdoor multi-tool, multi-tool life

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The name of this product is a bit deceptive as it is not really a “multi-tool” it is a credit card knife. That being said it is a really good credit card knife. It is the same size, shape, and thickness as a standard credit card so it fits in any wallet, but the blade is incredibly sharp making it useful for a lot of situations. I have used mine to cut fruit when on a picnic, cut an itchy tag from a shirt, cut though my seat cover that became tagled and much more and it does not seem to have dulled. The handle is functional but not “comfortable” enough to make it an every day use knife but it is definitely something you want to have handy when the situation comes up.

This is my 2nd time purchasing it as the last one was so convenient to carry my 62 year old mom had one in her purse when she tried to fly and visit family because she totally forgot it was there. Obviously they made her throw it away but the price compared to usefulness made it well worth buying a new one.

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